What is Sikhing?

Sikhing is a mobile app for Single Sikhs who are looking to find their ideal partner. Available on iPhone and Android devices it is free to download and use.

How does it work?

It's super quick and easy to get started. Download the app, register and upload your photos. We'll show you nearby Single Sikhs. If you are interested in a profile, tap the Like button. If there is a mutual interest, it's a Match and you can start a chat.

How much does it cost?

Sikhing is FREE to download, register, search for matches and chat.

How do I sign-up?

Firstly, download the app from the Apple App Store if you are on iPhone or Google Play for Android. You'll need to sign-up using your email address and mobile phone number - we'll send an activation email as well a verification code to your mobile number.

You can then create your profile, adding information about you such as marital status, career, education and profile photos. You'll be asked to upload a Selfie through the app - this helps the review team verify that genuine photos are being uploaded. Once you're profile is approved, you can start your search!

Do I have to upload a Photo?

Yes - we ask everyone to upload 3 photos of themselves - this helps potential matches to see who you are. We also ask members to take a Selfie through the app to verify their profile pictures, this verification selfie is not shown on your public profile. You can temporarily hide your profile by turning on Incognito Mode.

I don't want to be visible on the platform - how do I hide my profile?

You can enable Incognito Mode from the Edit Profile screen. This will temporarily hide you profile. Your profile will only be shown to people you have matched with or sent a like to.

Why do I need to add my mobile number?

We want to ensure that genuine profiles are being created. We send a verification code to your mobile phone number which you need to enter in the app. This helps to prevent duplicate & spam accounts. Your mobile phone number is not shown on your public profile.

Why do I need to upload a Selfie?

We ask members to upload a selfie as part of the profile verification process. Our review team will check the selfie against the profile photos uploaded to help check genuine photos are being uploaded. Your selfie won't be shown on your public profile.

How do I change my name, date of birth, gender?

If you have entered your name, date of birth or gender incorrectly during the sign-up process please contact us.

Can I create a profile on behalf of my son, daughter, brother, sister or friend?

No - each person must create their own profile themselves. Please do refer them to the app so they can create their own profile if they are ready to start their search!

How do I match with someone?

When you see a profile, make sure to tap the Like (Heart) button if you think they could be suitable for you. Once you have liked a profile and they have also liked your profile you are matched! You can then start a chat.

Can I filter the profiles you show me?

Yes! If you have a Gold subscription, you can set your search preferences including distance, age, diet, drink. We'll then show you profiles who meet these criteria.

Can I revisit profiles I have previously passed on?

Yes! Once you have gone through profiles that meet your search filters, you can tap the "Reset Dislikes" button

Why does the app say there are no more profiles?

Check your search filters if you have any set, they may be too specific. Also remember Sikhing is a brand new service and growing fast - people are joining all the time, so be sure to keep checking back!

Why have I not got any matches?

You need to allow some time for other people to match you back! Try updating your profile and filling in your About Me section. Check out our Instagram page for top tips on creating a great profile.

How do i cancel my Gold subscription?

Apple / Google handle all payments, refunds and subscriptions, not Sikhing. Only a customer can cancel a subscription, we are not able to ourselves. Also a reminder - deleting or deactivating your Sikhing account does not automatically cancel any subscriptions.

If you're an iOS user, follow the cancellation instructions here:

If you're an Android user, follow the cancellation instructions here:

Keep in mind, as stated in our Terms of Service, we do not offer any refunds for in-app purchases.

I have another question which hasn't been answered here

Please visit the contact us page and send us an email.