Upload High Quality Photos

Nothing makes a better first impression than great photos! An ideal profile should comprise of:

  • Clear headshot of your face
  • Body shot showing your full body to convey what you look like
  • Picture of you doing something you enjoy


  • Post a picture that reflects your interests – it can be used as conversation starters
  • Post a selection of pictures – you don’t want to be disregarded as a catfish
  • Smile! Happy photos tend to get more likes


  • Using snapchat filters – we want to see the real you
  • Group picture as your main photo
  • Old photos
  • Wearing sunglasses
  • Blurry photos or where your full face isn’t visible
  • Too many close up selfies

Write a great Bio

A non-substantial or empty bio indicates that you aren’t serious about this process – some people won’t even match with someone who has not filled out their bio.

This is a great opportuinity to tell people about you – what your interests are, something about your personality, some of your hobbies or interests and what you are looking for in a partner.

Use Profile Prompts!

You can add up to 3 profile prompts on your Sikhing profile. This is a great way forย 

potential matches to get an insight into you and they are also great conversation starters.

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